The Heart of Our Homes, Happy Activities & Life Enrichment Week!

National Activity Professionals Week (January 21, 2024 – January 27, 2024) allows us to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of our dedicated Activities and Life Enrichment staff and the significant role they play in enhancing the lives of our residents. 

At the heart of our skilled nursing and assisted living communities lies a team of creative and dedicated individuals who work each day to create a home for our residents that is vibrant and engaging. AdviniaCare’s Activities and Life Enrichment Departments value leading our residents to join in meaningful activities that encourage independent thinking, choice and dignity. We like to call this, WELLNESS THAT WORKS!


Our Activities and Life Enrichment employees are not just caregivers to our residents – they are friends and advocates of their well-being. Not only do they foster personal relationships with each resident, but they facilitate connections between residents in the community as well, which encourages friendship and a sense of belonging.  

The activities are limitless as you walk through our AdviniaCare homes. Throughout our communities you will see residents baking sweet delights, stretching in a chair yoga class, transforming the halls into holiday landscapes, painting beautiful scenery, singing along to live entertainment of their favorite songs, snuggling under a cozy blanket for movie night, kicking back and being pampered with spa activities, getting ready for outings to local museums, restaurants and mastering bingo, tabletop bowling, balloon toss, card and board games. These are just to name a few, and the list keeps on growing.


Let us come together this week to celebrate the extraordinary teams who make such a positive impact on our communities. These individuals’ dedication and passion to create an environment where each of our residents can thrive, find joy and experience a sense of fulfillment is exceptional. Cheers to all our Activities and Life Enrichment employees and the vibrant communities that they help to cultivate!